Most people in the used turf equipment or pre-owned golf course maintenance industry understand about the different types and manufactures of the riding, walking, trim, rotary, and other types of mowers that are required to do the job. Statewide Turf understands that mowers used on golf courses fit into their own category. Every golf course may deal with a unique set of characteristics to maintain the facilities to achieve the desired results. An example would be that a reel mower may be more practical in some applications or environments to get the type of cut that a rotary mower could not achieve and vice versa.

One of the most important components to used golf course equipment is to have quality mowers that are affordably priced and will last with the proper routine maintenance. Turf needs to be cut with different types of mowers and at different lengths to maintain a certain level of playability for your customers. For each application a different piece of equipment or mower is required. For example, greens mowers are made for a more precision cut, adjustable lengths and many add on options are available to utilize for cutting greens and tee areas. For the fringe and smaller areas where you want a closer cut, trim and surround mowers are perfect for the job. For the large areas such as fairways or baseball or football fields, larger rotary mowers make the job simple. You may even want to consider a gang mower which also helps make your job more time effective and with Statewide Turf’s commitment to quality golf course equipment at prices within your budget, we offer service, shipping options, financing options, and anything to help making the decision to purchase used turf equipment a simple one.

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