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Our Service

At Statewide Turf, our trained and experienced service technicians spend quite a bit of time going through and inspecting, replacing, repairing, restoring, and completely checking each and every piece we sell.

Unless individually noted otherwise, all the equipment we sell goes though our dedicated service facility and is fully serviced which includes all fluids and filters or worn items replaced, including seats and tires, reels ground, new bearings when needed, new bed-knifes and detailed before delivery.

This is also backed by our 90 Day Warranty that covers all major components such as engine and hydraulics.

Our Service - Part of the Statewide Solution - Quality Used Turf Equipment
Our Service - Part of the Statewide Solution - Quality Used Turf Equipment

Statewide Turf only uses OEM specific replacement parts

To adhere to quality manufacture standards only parts designed by that manufacture for the functionality of that specific model are used on all our service work, this helps eliminate costly repair errors and future maintenance costs.

Meaning if we are servicing a Toro product…only Toro OEM parts are used on the repair, no aftermarket or 3rd party vendor parts.  The same holds true for any manufacture we sell whether its Toro, Jacobsen, John Deere, Club Car, or others.

Every item that has passed through our service department has a complete Performance & Quality Standards Checklist.  It is a complete and comprehensive service process that covers: engine, hydraulics, belts, hoses, pins, bushings, a complete reel and bed-knife grinding, and more.

Our process is designed to ensure the equipment you are purchasing has been thoroughly inspected and tested for the best quality and performance our customers can expect when buying from Statewide Turf Equipment, all part of the Statewide Solution.