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Everyday Pricing vs AS-IS Price

We understand there are choices when purchasing equipment, which is why Statewide consistently monitors our competition and often adjusts or lowers our prices.  You may have noticed but being in the pre-owned turf equipment business for over 25 years, it isn’t unheard of for our competitors to “borrow” an idea or two from Statewide! That’s ok…No need to mention names because Statewide Turf has always managed to be one step ahead of the curve and so is our everyday pricing!
Everyday Price vs AS-IS - Part of the Statewide Solution - Quality Used Turf Equipment
Everyday Price vs AS-IS - Part of the Statewide Solution - Quality Used Turf Equipment

Everyday Pricing

Our everyday pricing for individual pieces includes our service including our 90-day warranty.  Since we often sell individual items or multiple pieces together our equipment is already competitively priced, but we are always willing to work with customers that are buying larger packages or some of repeat customers that come back to us time and time again. Also, on a monthly basis we discount or mark down items to make room for some of our new arrivals.  These reduced items can be found in their regular used turf equipment category or are conveniently categorized in our price advantage equipment section.

AS-IS Price

Throughout our website you may come across items that is marked AS-IS. This is a discounted price option and there is no warranty included. Generally speaking we do not go through our entire service checklist on AS-IS items, rather some of the minimal repairs have been completed. If you choose any equipment to purchase that is listed AS-IS, it will still be inspected and fully functional. Statewide Turf only sells quality equipment and we certainly have not made a name for ourselves by putting out equipment that does not measure up to the standards you have come to expect…it’s all about keeping your course or grounds looking it’s best without breaking the bank!!