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The Statewide Solution

It’s What We Do And How We Do It

The Statewide Solution is how we define all the services we provide which are all aimed at making the process easier for our customers, giving you more control, more choices, when it comes to purchasing turf equipment online, and it can make all the difference in your purchase. For over 25 years Statewide Turf Equipment has been an established and trusted industry leader in providing quality used turf equipment.

Statewide’s services last throughout the decision making purchase process. We assist our customers with many components such as discounted freight or shipping, finding replacement parts, providing manuals, shopping out the best financing available, locating equipment that we don’t have in stock, taking equipment in on trade, and much more. When a customer purchases equipment from Statewide Turf, whether serviced with warranty, from our price advantage equipment selection, or AS-IS, we are serious about your business and can confidently say you are receiving the best product for your money spent. It’s the type of quality used or pre-owned turf equipment and commitment to positive customer experiences throughout the process that keep our customers coming back and telling others what to expect when they come to Statewide Turf Equipment.
You’re not buying just another piece of used equipment, you’re buying the Statewide Solution!