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All equipment is inspected and will be fully operational and detailed before delivery. This is a discounted ‘AS-IS’ option and no warranty is included. If you choose the wholesale pricing option, your equipment will still be inspected and fully functional. Here at Statewide Turf Equipment, we have not made a name for ourselves by selling used equipment that is not up to the

standards of keeping your course or grounds looking it’s greatest. We only sell quality used turf equipment.

Statewide Service – Equipment Performance Standards Checklist:
Our Equipment Performance Standards Checklist is a complete and comprehensive service process. From engine and hydraulics to belts, hoses, pins, bushings, and complete reel and bedknife grinding, our process is designed to ensure the equipment you are purchasing has been thoughly inspected and tested for the best quality and performance you can expect when buying from Statewide Turf Equipment.

Statewide Turf also uses manufacture specific OEM parts on all our service work. Meaning if we are servicing a Toro product, only Toro OEM parts are used on the repair, no aftermarket or 3rd party vendor parts are used. The same holds true for any manufacture we sell at Statewide, whether its Toro, Jacobsen, John Deere, Club Car, or others, Statewide feels that part of

our quality standards means that we are using manufacture recommended parts designed for the functionality of the unit, which helps elimanate costly repair errors and future maintenance costs.
Statewide’s 90 Day Warranty is above and beyond what is typcially offered in the used turf equipment business. Statewide stands behind our work by offering our 90 Day Warranty on our serviced equipment. Our warranty covers all major components such as engine, hydraulics, pumps, and rear ends, please see the individual items page for details. As part of the Statewide Solution we gaurantee our work, meaning that if a reel was not ground properly or any specifications were not as ordered, Statewide will correct the item.
Handling a issue with your warrantied item :
Handling a issue with your warrantied item, If you have an issue with your equipment within the 90 day period the first step is validating your issue with Statewide Turf. After you have contacted and spoke with a Statewide representative and they confirm your issue, the second step would be for Statewide to provide the part(s) for the repair. Parts will either come from Statewide Turf directly or from a local distributor in your area.

If the repair is unable to made at your location Statewide Turf will contact the local distributor and arrange for the repair to be done locally. If the sale is within the state of FL and the repair is unable to be made, Statewide Turf will pick up the item, make the repairs at our facility, and then redeliver the item. Comfort and piece of mind knowing your new

purchase will run as intended, all part of the Statewide Solution.

* Our 90 Day Warranty only applies to orders sold and shipped within the contenential United States, Statewide Turf Equipment currently does not offer our warranty for sales outside the US, however all equipment is still serviced as indicated.

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