There are several brands of used grinders that Statewide Turf Equipment carries, such as Express Dual, Foley United, and Peerless that are essential to any golf or sports turf operation. One way to ensure you are receiving a precision cut every time is to have a set of used grinders for both the reel and bedknife.

Many customers will either choose to have a sharpening setup that can do both flat spin and relief grinding or stay with the traditional flat spin only it depends on your requirements and budget. Call Statewide Turf Equipment today and let us help you choose the best solution for your sharpening needs.

Statewide Turf Equipment has used golf course equipment for sale in Florida and worldwide, and we are all about options!

With a constant inventory of hand selected used reel and bedknife grinders with choices in pricing such as serviced or wholesale, we have the used reel and bedknife grinder that can save you thousands of dollars compared to purchasing new or with our competitors. The Statewide Solution is your answer to finding great deals on units with low hours and in incredible shape.

Statewide is always working to stock top manufactures such as Express Dual, Foley United, or Peerless. If you can’t find a reel and bedknife grinder, or unit you are looking for call us toll free at 866-798-8731 and we can help you located it. We are committed to finding the best quality used turf equipment on the market at the lowest price.

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